It all started when…

I decided to follow my own path.

I worked in retail and just hated being the highly persuasive salesperson my boss wanted me to be. So I quit being chained to a job that gave me no joy, and I started to look back to what made me happy when I was a child. I loved music and watercolor painting. I still touch my piano from time to time, and it does such a great job taking away my worries when I need it the most. The surprise for me was how much I missed painting in watercolor. I soon realized that I can use my computer skills to transform my watercolor paintings into graphic designs. The fact that I can turn this passion into an income source, is what I have always wished for! 

My goal is to evolve and to pursuit success in this field so I can be a support to my so loved family.

I hope you will find little bits of inspiration visiting this space!